Attic Entrance

The most overlooked source of energy loss in homes is the attic entrance. Every year, it costs homeowners a lot of money in both heating and cooling bills. In addition, it causes a number of additional problems:

  • Temperature difference of several degrees in both summer and winter
  • Uncomfortable drafts in the room, or area of the home near the attic access
  • A breeding ground for mold
  • Roof damage

Ashley-Chicot Electric has found a way to solve the problem with The Energy Guardian™ Kits. These kits insulate and seal any indoor attic access. They:

  • Are lightweight and easy to use
  • Have a high insulating value and tight air seal
  • Eliminate a major cause of mold and costly roof damage
  • Come with a 20 year warranty

Designed to be used by people of all ages, you will notice the results immediately. With the energy savings, it typically pays for itself in months. Professional installation is available. Mention you are a member of Ashley-Chicot Electric and receive $25.00 off.

Call toll free today at 1-877-ESS-4NRG (377-4674) to solve the problem. You can also call simply to get any questions answered. You can get information on the web at