Service Availability & Charges

Many members/consumers ask the question, “What is the service charge for on my electric bill?”

The “Service Availability Charge,” abbreviated “Service Charge,” on your electric bill gives the cooperative a way of recovering fixed costs versus the up and down KWh charge that fluctuates with the weather. An example would be in mild weather, KWh sales are usually relatively low and margins are not high enough to cover fixed costs such as transformers, line maintenance, meter reading, taxes on property, interest on borrowed money, administrative costs, mailing bills, and so on – those costs are associated with keeping power available even if no electricity is ever used. The end result is the service availability charge is a more consistent method of recovering fixed costs than an extremely high KWh/energy charge would be which would result in very high electric bills during months of extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Charges Related to Member Activity

The following is a list of charges you may have to pay under certain circumstances in addition to your electric bill:

Membership Fee $15.00
Deposit from Applicant (Residential) $182.00
Deposit from Applicant (Irrigation) $117.00 per KW
Returned Check Fee $25.00
Meter Test Fee $20.00
Collection Fee $25.00
Connect/Reconnect Fee $25.00
After Hours Reconnect Fee $50.00
Additional Pole Installation for Security Lighting $165.00
Meter Reseal Charge (first unreported) $10.00
Disconnect Due to Non-Payment of Bill

If you are disconnected due to non-payment of your electric bill you may be required to pay a residental deposit plus applicable reconnect fees in addition to your delinquent bill.